Zurich Insurance plc DAS Legal Expenses Insurance Company Limited (DAS)

Insurance is an important part of running your business it helps safeguard you from the unexpected. However, for insurance to be worthwhile it needs to cover not just the headline type of incidents but also cover the risks from the more normal day to day activities. This could be any thing from accidental damage to a third parties laptop, to being called up for Jury or Witness Service. Or maybe someone falls over a training manikin and injures themselves. All of these could have a detrimental impact on your business or even your own personal finances.  Insurance should also cover you for the past and for the future. It is not uncommon for claims to be made years later, after your policy has expired. Our policies cover this eventuality.

The scheme has a variety of Helplines including a 24hr Legal Adviceline where you can speak to a legal advisor free of charge, just using this facility once may well save you the cost of your policy - Solicitors can charge anything upward of £200 - £300/hr.!  

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Our Policy has claims occurring wording; meaning that as long as the claim being notified occurred when the insurance was in force we will still pay it even if the policy has expired or they have renewed elsewhere. Most other insurers have claims made working; which means the claim must be made while the insurance is still in force. We have an unlimited amount of claims and an unlimited defence cost. Retroactive cover is included; however is it for previously insured work before coming onto our policy. There is no limit for working abroad as long as you are a UK Resident (USA and Canada excluded) No limit on product liability other than 30K turnover on retail sales.
Individual Policies will cover just the proposer (person whose name is on the proposal form). Small Business will cover the up to 6 or 12 unnamed staff/trainers (i.e. not notified to us). This can be from a large bank of staff as long as no more than 6 or 12 people are working at any point in time. In both cases the indemnity limits (£4m or £6m) are per claim not per policy period.
Administration of Oxygen and Entonox. Airway Management using OP, NP, LMA SUction, Aspirators and Bag Valve Mask, Spinal Immobilisation e.g. use of Rescue Boards, KED, Cervical Collars, Scoop Stretchers, Patient Monitoring e.g. Blood Pressure, Temperature, Blood Glucose, Oxygen Saturation GlucoGel, aka HypoStop. Note: Invasive procedures or Prescription only Medicines are NOT covered. In Addition to the above requirements, the first aider requiring insurance cover for extended skills is required to hold specific qualifications and/ or documented training i the skills which they perform. A suitably qualified and competence person should observe and sign off these procedures before they are carried out unsupervised. A current and up to date CPD and experience log is required for expanded skills. With the exception of Aspirin for heart attack, and other recognised self or assisted medication, no other drugs should be administered. Note: for personnel holding higher qualifications exceeding that of the first aid e.g. Paramedics, Nurses, EMTs etc. insurance cover will be limited to the skill-set as indicated above. It is recommended that in these instances, personnel should wear clothing and insignia of a First Aider
Standard First Aid required that the first aider holds a current First Aid at Work qualification or recognised equivalent. The first aider should have a current CPD log and a list of experience covering a minimum period of one year. If this is not available, the first aider should be shadowed until sufficient practical experience is gained and demonstrated and skills signed off by a suitably qualified and competence person. First Aid refresher courses or equivalent should be taken annually. It is important that the first aider is suitably qualified and can demonstrate competence in the first aid procedures he or she undertakes.